Preview: Marilynne Robinson, The Southbank Centre

The new novel from literary great Marilynne Robinson, Lila, has collected critical acclaim and will form the theme of an insightful literary lecture.

If you haven’t read Marilynne Robinson already, please do. It only takes a short while to read her entire oeuvre, but her richly beautiful prose is powerfully affective. She first turned heads with her novel Housekeeping in 1981, and was immediately considered a literary great, though she did not publish another novel for 20 years. Since then she has become a Pulitzer and Orange prize winner. Now she comes to talk at the Southbank Centre after the upcoming publication of her fourth novel Lila in October.

Robinson also writes non-fiction and is known for arguing that positivism – the Dawkins style worldview that the means to truth is only through the scientific – is highly reductive of humanity and does not leave any space for all the other kinds of spiritual truths that can’t be proved in a laboratory.

Her writing reflects this: by weaving past and present together through precise and sensory detail, she imbues every moment with metaphorical significance, which takes on a quality of thenuminous. These many layered novels contain volumes more than their small page counts.

Robinson is an intensely deep thinker, and is also a wonderful speaker. Expect to be touched by her graciousness and purity of heart.

Originally published by Culture Whisper.


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